Choc Praline & Gratin...

Friday, April 23, 2010

90 boxes of 3-in-1 mixed choc pralines order by Lin (Putrajaya).

Lin requested white choc with mocha + raisin filling, milk choc with oreo crumb and dark choc with strawberry filling. Masa Lin order tu, pikir gak ok ke combination white choc with mocha + raisin... Dah buat & tasted... sedap. Pandai Lin buat combination. The sweetness of white choc balance with the taste of mocha.

Additional 7 dark choc pralines untuk Lin makan sendiri... Nak different shape and filling (orange, pandan, blueberry, strawberry, mocha, mocha + raisin and raisin).

With 2 set of gratins.

Close-up pic jangan lupa :) Dalam ada macaroni + prawn + button mushroom + carrot and topped with mozarella cheese... The verdict? Lin smsed "sedap gile"... Alhamdulillah...


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